“The choreography was technically rich and impeccably danced…” (Review of A Recomposition)
Heather Desaulniers - DanceTabs - October 2018


"... an emotional tidal wave of spoken word interwoven with modern dance." (Preview of Known Once)
Beth Spotswood - San Francisco Chronicle - May 2017


"The fast-paced, clean and unadorned choreography is rich and technically demanding." (Review of Tacit Consent)
Rita Felciano - Dance View Times - May 2016

"This was an exciting display of constant motion, constant change in circumstance and constant shift of physical paradigm." (Review of Tacit Consent)
Heather Desaulniers - Dance Commentary - May 2016

"... the heart of this production is its choreography and its dancers, and the dancing was transcendent. That The Imperfect is Our Paradise as a whole not only works, but soars, is a tribute to Fain's choreography and her dancers' capability." (Review of The Imperfect is Our Paradise)
Jerry Hochman - CriticalDance - January 2016


"... the four excellent dancers were able to imbue their movement with an intensity that resonated with the impulses that compel migration..." (Review of Your Story Was This)
Jaime Robles - Piedmont Post - October 2015

"While A Space Divided is definitely an experiment in choreographic vision and interpretation, it is equally an exercise in viewership." (Review of A Space Divided)
Heather Desaulniers - Dance Commentary - April 2015

Spotlight for A Space Divided - Dance Magazine - April 2015


"Imperfect communicates with its intelligence, clarity of purpose, and rich, tight choreography." (Review of The Imperfect is Our Paradise)
Rita Felciano - SF Bay Guardian - September 2014

"Her dancers are individualists--wonderful to watch." (Review of After the Light)
Rita Felciano - SF Bay Guardian - January 2014 

"After the Light was elusive and sumptuous... intelligently structured, thought-provoking."
Leigh Donlan - - January 2014

"Virginia Woolf Inspires New Liss Fain Work" - Preview of After the Light by Jean Schiffman - SF Arts Monthly - January 2014

"Woolf's Rhythms Inspire Work" - Preview of After the Light by Andrew Gilbert - Bay Area News Group - January 2014 


"Each dancer's technical ability and strong focus worked well not only for the challenging contemporary choreography Fain created, but also for the overall dreamlike aesthetic of the piece." (Review of The Water is Clear and Still)
Kathryn Holmes - - March 2013

"For this viewer, the only disappointing aspect of Liss Fain Dance's performance was that it was of only one piece, which was only danced twice. I look forward to its return to the New York area." (Review of The Water is Clear and Still)
Jerry Hochman - CriticalDance - March 2013  


"Seeing those dancers be so vigorous and intent and yet so quiet... cast a spell that you didn't want to break." (Review of The False and True Are One)
Rita Felciano - SF Bay Guardian - November 2011 


"This type of approach and Fain's type of craft are rare today. It's a pleasure to see an active intelligence engaged in such full-bodied work." (Review of How it Ends and Speak of Familiar Things)
Rita Felciano - SF Bay Guardian - June 2010 

Photo: RJ Muna