Write a Letter

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Liss Fain Dance invites you to participate in a letter writing project for the creation of I Don’t Know and Never Will, an evening-length performance installation premiering at ODC Theater in San Francisco March 1, 2, & 3. I Don’t Know and Never Will integrates excerpts of letters Liss Fain received decades ago and letters from today.

Be a part of this piece. Write a note to someone either describing an experience that impacted you greatly or something you wish you had done and did not do and submit it to LFD via the button below. Your note can be anonymous or not as you choose. Excerpts of some of your notes will be read as part of the performance. The dancers and musicians will improvise to your words while hearing them for the first time. 

The letters we write by hand—the language, the handwriting, the tangents—are often our most personal communication. Recreating the intimacy and introspection of letters, I Don’t Know and Never Will unfolds within a dynamic installation of rooms and corridors. As the audience, dancers and actor move inside it, musicians play live around them.

I Don’t Know and Never Will

World premiere: March 1, 2, & 3  at 8pm
ODC Theater, 3153 17th Street, San Francisco

Choreography: Liss Fain
Dancers: Sonja Dale,  Megan Kurashige, Shannon Kurashige, Sarah Dionne Woods-LaDue
Actor: Val Sinckler
Commissioned score: Jordan Glenn
Installation Design: Matthew Antaky
Costume Design: Mary Domenico
Musicians: Nava Dunkelman, Jordan Glenn, Jacob Felix Heule