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A Space Divided (2015)


Premiere: April 2015
Z Space, San Francisco

A Space Divided presents three world premieres by Liss Fain, Amy Seiwert, and Christian Burns. Each choreographer has created work for an installation designed by Matthew Antaky, and the three pieces are brought together in a unique, evening-length performance event. 

A Space Divided originated with the company’s decision to have the architectureand underlying concept of the installation determine the choreographers’ concepts and use of space, rather than have the choreography drive the visual environment. Matthew Antaky developed the installation design and concept, and each choreographer then developed work in response. The three pieces are connected by short movement “joints” and presented as a continuum. 



Choreography: Liss Fain, Amy Seiwert, Christian Burns
Music: Dan Wool, Darren Johnston & Fred Frith, Jason Kleidosty
Installation & Lighting Design: Matthew Antaky
Costume Design: Emily Kurashige

Original cast: 
Jeremiah Crank, Katharine Hawthorne, Megan Kurashige, Shannon Kurashige, Carson Stein

Photos: Benjamin Hersh
Video: Rapt Productions