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After the Light (2014)


Premiere: January 2014
Z Space, San Francisco

After the Light is structured as a large open performance space surrounded by a series of archways of graduating height, like a medieval cloister. The installation accentuates the intensity of people looking inwards at their lives and relationships and outwards at their friends. After the Light interweaves passages from Virginia Woolf’s experimental novel, The Waves, into the choreography and the score. The Waves, written as interior monologues by six people whose lives intertwine from childhood through old age, follows their lives, shifting relationships and changing perceptions of themselves and each other. The text, spoken by two actors and integrated into the score, feels both present and mysterious, real and indefinable. After the Light opens as a quiet installation and unfolds into a dance. The choreography, the score, and the visual design of the piece reflect the intricate mix of frustration, joy, tenderness, resolve, and solitude in Virginia Woolf’s writing.



Choreography: Liss Fain
Music: Dan Wool
Text: Virginia Woolf
Installation & Lighting Design: Matthew Antaky
Costume Design: Mary Domenico

Original cast: 
Jeremiah Crank, Katharine Hawthorne, Megan Kurashige, Shannon Kurashige, Alec Lytton, Carson Stein

Photos: Frédéric O. Boulay
Video: Rapt Productions